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Your Complete HR Staffing Guide: From Planning to Onboarding

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As a leader in HR staffing solutions, IHR prioritizes informing and empowering organizations to find the right HR talent for their businesses. As part of that commitment, we offer HR leaders and hiring managers access to a wide range of tools and tips to simplify the hiring process. We are thrilled to announce we’ve recently released our latest HR hiring resource, your complete HR Staffing Guide: From Planning to Onboarding to our existing online library of assets. 

This free, comprehensive checklist and guide serves as a valuable tool for organizations striving to both improve the HR staffing process and build an effective HR team that includes high-performing, elite HR talent. 

IHR Has a Proven Track Record as a Leading HR Staffing Agency

IHR has earned our reputation as a leading HR staffing agency. Our skilled and experienced recruiters partner with organizations across the country to create innovative HR staffing solutions that minimize personnel risk, eliminate workforce gaps, and help maintain compliance at all times. We’ve used our tested insight and expertise in our HR Staffing Checklist to help make HR hiring as simple as possible. 

Key Expectations from the HR Staffing Checklist

The HR Staffing Checklist offers a step-by-step approach to HR staffing, starting with the crucial task of identifying your organization's specific HR staffing needs The guide helps walk users through the process of reviewing internal human resource operations to identify inefficiencies, evaluate current open positions, and outline any potential for temporary HR staffing solutions. 

Our guide also takes a deep dive into other critical HR staffing components, such as: 

  1. Choosing the right HR staffing model
  2. Preparing for the hiring process
  3. Finding the right candidates

The checklist doesn’t stop there. Once you've found the right candidates, IHR’s HR Staffing Checklist also takes you through the crucial steps of onboarding and evaluating new employees. From greeting and welcoming them to providing orientation and training and more — we cover the essentials of ensuring a smooth transition for new hires and setting them up for success.

Your Complete HR Staffing Guide: From Planning to Onboarding provides a practical and actionable resource, right at your fingertips. Don't miss out on this valuable resource.

Get Your Free HR Staffing Guide

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