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Training Manager Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

The role of a training manager is crucial to sustaining a company’s growth. After all, a top-quality training manager is responsible for assessing a business’ needs and then creating training programs to reflect and meet those needs.

Thus, when searching for your next training manager, you want to ensure they can meet the unique needs of your company. One of the first steps to finding a good hire is by asking the right training manager interview questions. To help your search for a well-fitting hire, consider adding the following training manager interview questions to your next candidate interview.

Training Manager Interview Questions

1. How would you motivate your team?

This is an important question when it comes to assessing the skills of your training manager candidate. Not only should the training programs they create be informative, but they should be motivational as well.

Because a majority of employees in the American workforce are not engaged, when an employee isn’t engaged, they are merely going through their day without any passion for going above and beyond to achieve their company’s goals.

So, when interviewing your training manager candidate, it is important to see how much of a priority motivational training is for them. This is especially the case if you’re seeking more motivational training at your company.

2. Explain the planning process for one of your past training programs.

With this question, you can gain a broad understanding of your candidate’s experience. Additionally, you can see how flexible their training program process is and how it can adapt to your company’s culture and goals.

Another important factor you can assess with this question is your candidate’s teamwork and communication skills. In the past, have they made an effort to work with company management on creating training programs? How open were they to employee feedback to make sure the next training program was beneficial? Understanding how well your candidate can communicate with you and your employees can ensure that the training programs they create are comprehensive in the company needs they address.

3. What do you know about learning styles? How does this impact your training?

This question looks at how your candidate takes the employees they are training into consideration. In other words, your candidate should be aware of the different learning styles for adults.

For example, some employees may be better visual learners, while others may benefit more from a tactile training program. All in all, a program that benefits one employee may not be equally as beneficial to another employee. Thus, your training manager candidate should take into consideration these various learning types to make sure a training program is impactful for all who participate in it.

4. In your opinion, how often should employees review past training?

The key to a good training program is how often it is reinforced after it is completed. So, this question asks your candidate how they would go about reviewing past training and how often they would set out to do this.

Let’s say you are reviewing HR policies at the end of the year. While this information may be repetitive, it is important to discuss it so that employees, both old and new, are aware of these policies, and the skills learned in training are reinforced.

Additionally, this question looks at how often your candidate feels it is necessary to review training. The right answer will vary, as it depends on the needs that any given training is addressing. Nevertheless, this is an important question to ask to determine how proactive your candidate is in their role.

Locate the Right Training Manager For You!

These are just a few training manager interview questions you can ask during an interview. There are numerous other important questions you may want to consider adding as well. For example, you can ask personality questions to see how well a candidate fits into your company’s culture.

By and large, the best way to know what interview questions to ask is first to understand what your needs and expectations are. What responsibilities do you want this training manager role to fulfill, for example? Another great way to determine your HR needs and what questions to ask is by partnering with an expert HR staffing firm, such as Interim HR Consulting.

Not only can firms like Interim HR help you find the right talent, but they can also help you know when to hire for interim senior HR jobs in the first place. All in all, partnering with a firm like Interim HR can make the talent search much easier.

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