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Talent Acquisition Manager Interview Questions

In the evolving HR world, having the right staff is an important part of ensuring your company’s success. With a record high of 6.6 million job openings in the United States in 2019, the need for roles dedicated to proactive hiring methods is clear. Specifically, companies need skilled staff in HR roles, such as a talent acquisition manager, to find fitting talent in the growing job market. The talent acquisition manager is responsible for maintaining efficient hiring methods as well as planning for a company’s staffing needs before they arise.

All in all, having a strong talent acquisition manager in place at your company can help attract talented job seekers to your company. Make the most of your candidate search, consider adding some of these talent acquisition manager interview questions to your list!

Talent Acquisition Manager Interview Questions

1. How do you develop a talent pipeline?

We start our talent acquisition manager interview questions off with one of the major factors of any successful talent acquisition strategy.

With the reality of a global talent shortage, where 45% of employers share, they struggle filling a position, having efficient strategies in place can streamline your process. This is where a talent pipeline comes in handy. Basically, a talent pipeline is created with your unique business needs in mind. Then, your talent acquisition manager works at attracting and finding the right talent for a given position. Additionally, talent pipelines help to build potential candidate pools. These candidate pools allow your talent acquisition manager to find a skilled candidate when the need arises easily.

So, ensuring your talent acquisition manager candidate understands the need for talent pipelines is essential.

2. Explain the importance of employer brand in your role.

Maintaining an active employer brand is a big part of attracting the right talent to your company. Your employer brand should tell an interested candidate who you are and why they should want to work for you. There are many ways your talent acquisition manager can build your employer brand. Asking talent acquisition manager interview questions about brand building can inform you of your candidate’s perspective.

3. How do you stay up to date on hiring industry trends?

As any industry evolves, so do the hiring needs of the companies within that industry. This question looks at how aware of the changing needs a talent acquisition candidate is.

An example of a great answer to this question could be a candidate sharing the various industry resources they reference. Additionally, you can ask further questions that look at how a candidate may use these trends to improve your hiring process. As a whole, the recruiting industry has grown more competitive throughout 2019. Thus, recognizing that trend and adapting your recruiting strategy to overcome that challenge is important.

A talent acquisition manager who stays up to date on trends would then recognize the rise in how competitive the industry is. Then, a candidate who is aware of upcoming trends can prepare for that change to best support your company.

4. What processes do you use to fill a specific position?

Obviously, the requirements and skills of each position are diverse. This question tests your candidates knowledge and challenges your candidate to think diversely. Do they have experience creating strategies that can quickly adapt to the changing needs and vision of your company?

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