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How to Harness Solar Eclipse Excitement

The anticipation surrounding the upcoming total solar eclipse can be an opportunity for HR professionals to enhance employee engagement and boost morale. 


The once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024, is generating buzz, and many don't want to miss it. Some schools will be closed, traffic may be congested in certain areas, and cell phone service may even be disrupted. Those who can't view the eclipse in person might want to watch the live stream.

For employers, this presents both an exciting opportunity and potential challenges. How can you balance the enthusiasm surrounding the eclipse with maintaining productivity and employee well-being? 

Here are some tips to ensure the day is fun, safe, and productive.

Totality Time-Off 

Encourage employees to take a break during the eclipse period to witness this extraordinary event. Adjust break times or stop work for a short period during totality so everyone gets a view. 

Onsite or Virtual Viewing Events
Host a workplace eclipse viewing party to foster a sense of community. If watching in person, supply eclipse glasses, and create a safe designated viewing area. If your workplace is not on the path of totality, you can livestream the total solar eclipse. 

Themed Treats
Many companies are having fun with themed food. Krispy Kreme is serving a limited-edition eclipse doughnut, an original glazed doughnut dipped in black chocolate icing with silver sprinkles and topped with an Oreo cookie. Other round classics, like pizza, cakes, and cookies, are naturally themed for the day.

Eyewear and Sun Protection
If you're in the eclipse path, ensure any workers who will be outdoors have proper eclipse glasses to protect their eyes. Share information about the specific eyewear required. Educate employees on the risks of looking directly at the sun without protection and encourage sunscreen and a hat for UV protection from the bright sun, even during partial phases. Keep in mind that cameras and binoculars must also have solar filters.

Educational Resources
Share educational materials about the eclipse. The NASA website has educational materials and interactive tools. You can create a poll or trivia questions on your employee Intranet or in breakrooms.

Embracing the day can make it a workplace experience that everyone will be sure to remember. Gather those group pics in your solar glasses to share on social media!

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