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Temporary HR Professionals

Perfecting the search process

Interim HR Consulting has more than a decade of experience helping clients partner with top-notch HR talent for short-term and long-term positions, enabling us to perfect the search process.

The secret to our success is through ApplicantBank™ technology. This portal houses thousands of local HR professional profiles within each local market. What’s truly remarkable about this tool is its ability to search within each resume, ensuring we are able to select the right candidate to fit our client’s needs.

We meet face-to-face with every HR professional to evaluate their work experience, skill set and cultural fit. Every candidate in our database must go through an extensive background check. Each consultant submitted includes a brief synopsis detailing why our firm believes the chosen candidate is the best fit for the contracted position. Our consultants come with a guarantee indicating they will stay on the project for the duration of the contract.


ApplicantBank™ gives us the ability to present qualified temporary professionals in less than 48 hours.

Are Your Contractors Legally Employees?

Incorrect classification of a contractor can be costly in terms of the fines levied by the department of labor as well as the cost associated with an audit. Learn the correct classification measurements as well as how to protect your company.

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ApplicantBank™ is more than just resumes. Our system creates an unparalleled search and qualification process in hours, not days.


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