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Temp to Perm

The ability to see into the future

We continue to see growth year over year in our Temp-to-Perm offering, which is similar to a “try before you buy,” strategy. Our unique service allows clients to see first hand how well candidates perform and mesh within the company culture prior to offering a full-time position.

Temp-to-Perm positions require candidates to show their knowledge base beyond the interview stage. Many key skills cannot be fully ascertained during the interview process, thus allowing clients to work directly with candidates and assess skill level throughout their contract. Candidates remain employees at HR Interim Consulting until they receive an offer letter for full-time employment. We have found our clients see better longevity with employees stemming from Temp-to-Perm hires.

We also offer specialized Temp-to-Perm roles for employers who request additional time to explore. This role is only available if the current position’s roles and responsibilities are in accordance to the departments HR needs. When positions like this arise, applicants are given full disclosure with the understanding that their employment could become permanent or be redefined. HR departments like to adopt the Temp-to-Perm model, as it is a good option for clientele experiencing growth or looking to create change.

Temp to Perm facts

Over 70% of our Temp-to-Perm candidates are offered full-time positions before their 90-day contract is completed. More than 95% of our candidates are offered a permanent position. The post one-year employment longevity rate is currently in excess at 90%.

We strive in building long lasting relationship with our clients, which is why our focus is always finding the most qualified candidate to fit the business need.

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