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Stop searching, start evaluating. It’s that simple.

At Interim HR we know extensive outreach and personalized screening is the only way to find great talent. Our process covers every possible sourcing channel, giving you an immense amount of exposure for all of your temporary and direct hire roles.

Continuous Pool of Candidates.
We are always filling every conceivable position in a Human Resource department, so inevitably we always have a fresh flow of new available applicants.

No Stone Left Unturned
Job Boards: We have all of them covered at no cost to you.
Social Media: From LinkedIn to FaceBook we are experts at identifying active and passive candidates.
Private Database: We are exclusively HR, and have been for over 15 years, the result is an impressive cache of over 25K Human Resource professional.

HR Helping HR
Results prove when you searches are guided by HR professionals you will get better qualified candidates, which is why our motto is HR professionals helping HR professionals!

Fast, Really Fast
Don’t wait weeks or even days, our candidates are ready to start right now!

It’s no wonder why Human Resource professionals have trusted Interim HR to support their needs for over 15 years. We have built our reputation on providing the best talent in the market at a reasonable price, and all this in just a matter of days from start to finish.

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