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Interim HR Consulting’s contingency search services are dedicated exclusively to filling Human Resource positions. We do not wait for candidates to apply, we find qualified HR consultants.

Utilizing our ApplicantBank™ portal, in addition to our social media HR groups, we are able to reach more than 6,000 local HR professionals within the first few hours. The resulting influx of HR applicants allows our firm to start with a large network of qualified HR professionals. We then elevate the top candidates and conduct in-person interviews within 24 hours of receiving their notice of interest.

After completing the in-person interview, we process with full background checks. The final candidates are presented to clients along with a written analysis outlining why this individual(s) is the optimal candidate for the position. This level of transparency allows our clients to understand and align with our in-depth methodology.

Our entire search and qualification process is completed in less than a week. We have access to more local HR applicants than any other search firm as our database is updated weekly with hundreds of qualified HR professionals. The continual flow of HR applicants into ApplicantBank ensures our clients will have access to the newest stream of active and passive job seekers.

Contingency Search
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