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Top 5 HR Staffing Agencies In Chicago


Growing a flourishing company means steadily progressing forward and learning new skills. That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable team on your side that can adapt and adjust to the ever-changing environment. Finding those professionals, however, can be a challenging task. Human resource teams are particularly important to organizations in all industries because of their role in managing people and the workplace culture and environment.

To find the very best talent in HR for your business, consider pairing with one of the top five HR staffing agencies in Chicago for your open positions. These agencies offer a vetted, deep pool of talented individuals found through on-the-ground recruitment strategies and outbound calling initiatives.



With more than 15 years of experience, Interim HR Consulting’s main goal has been to provide organizations with the best-qualified candidates for any position in HR. Their company values were built on focus, speed, and innovation, which allows them to be the number one source of premium talent. They pride themselves on implementing customized strategies for each client to source the right individual for their unique role.

With a primary focus in temporary HR staffing, Interim HR has the ability to have someone in an open seat by tomorrow. What sets Interim HR apart from the competition is that they have created their own outbound call center solely dedicated to reaching out to candidates, which allows them to apply the human element into their outreach. Additionally, when you choose Interim HR for your recruiting needs you can expect to see the first full influx of qualified candidates within 24 hours.

Phone: (312) 361-0080


Lucas Group operates at a national level but has a dominant local presence in various metropolitan areas. Their experience allows them to provide their clients with the absolute best talent in the highest positions. Lucas Group focuses on building companies in Chicago using their impressive network of candidates and unique outreach tactics.

The Lucas Group will take the necessary time to understand your organization’s culture, qualifications, and long-term compatibility in order to provide you with the most qualified candidates. They pride themselves on only placing individuals in situations that make the most sense to ensure you receive a candidate who has relevant HR knowledge.

Phone: (800) 466-4489


Avanti Staffing specializes in placing qualified candidates for permanent hire, temporary, and temp-to-hire services in the Chicago area. Since its inception 30 years ago, Avanti Staffing has successfully reduced the time spent on recruiting, evaluating, interviewing, and screening candidates for their clients.

Their team of trusted consultants works with you to act as an extension of your business in order to provide innovative and creative solutions to your specific hiring needs. Each consultant abides by their high ethical standards and all follow the same common goal: offer you extraordinary resources that will ease your workload, save you time and increase your profitability.

Phone: (312) 853-3600


Since Chicago has over 9.5 million employees who work in various organizations throughout the city, having a strong human resource team is more important than ever. Advance Resources will team specializes in the areas of total rewards, organizational development/organizational effectiveness, recruiting and traditional HR.

Their long history of industry experience allows them to provide their clients with candidates who are talented, experienced, and highly motivated. Advanced Resources’ main goal is to provide their clients with solutions that are efficient and accurate in order to place high-quality individuals in the right positions.

Phone: (312) 422-9333


With the mission to only provide the highest quality resources to their clients, Robert Half’s dedicated and highly responsive team of consultants offers some of the most successful HR recruiting tactics in the industry. They are prepared to place highly qualified candidates for a special project or a large hiring initiative.

Additionally, they specialize in referring candidates for full-time positions like recruiters, HR managers and specialists, compensation and benefits specialists, and many more. Robert Half’s staff ensures their clients that they will only receive qualified professionals who are loyal, hardworking, and committed to the organization’s vision and culture.

Phone: (877) 929-2570

Finding the right human resource professional for your business can seem like a daunting task at the onset. That’s why it’s important to enlist the help of the best HR staffing agencies in Chicago who specialize in finding qualified candidates for a variety of different positions. Help is just a phone call away!

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