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How to Hire an HR Training Manager

When creating sustainable success at your company, you may be surprised to discover training as one of the best methods. In fact, companies that offer comprehensive training also benefit higher profit margins and a shocking 218% higher income per employee.

So, with the right training programs, you can boost your company’s success in new ways. Nevertheless, ensuring that you provide the right training in the first place is the first and most crucial step. One way that many companies work to build impactful training is to hire a training manager.

To help you understand what a training manager is, and how to find the right one, consider some of the helpful strategies on how to hire a training manager below.

How to Hire a Training Manager

Define the Role For Training Managers

Before starting your search for a training manager, you should first define what the role of this hire will be. Start by asking yourself what a training manager does and what unique needs they should address in your company.

Overall, a training manager’s role involves creating and overseeing training programs.

A training manager will likely assess the needs that your employees have and construct training that works towards fulfilling those needs. Other responsibilities of a training manager involve updating old training programs, assessing training success, and teaching training programs to the chosen instructors who then lead the training programs.

For example, an HR training manager may have the goal of boosting employee engagement. If you already have training in place, your training manager can determine past success and how to improve.

Prepare Training Manager Interview Questions

When looking to hire a training manager, having the right interview questions ready is important. By defining what this training manager role looks like, you can then create unique training manager interview questions.

These questions can determine how experienced your candidate is as well as how culturally aligned they are with your company culture. Additionally, you can see what a training manager’s process looks like before making a hire.

One method is to present a real training issue that your company is experiencing. Thus, you can see how a candidate would handle the problem if they were on the job. What resources do they turn to? How in-depth is their planning process?

Questions like this can help you determine the benefit of an HR training manager candidate.

Partner With an Expert Staffing Firm

Unsurprisingly, finding the perfect training manager hire takes time and effort. For example, the time-to-hire for any given HR role in the United States may take up to 35 days. If you’re in search of a timely hire, a little over a month may be too long to wait.

A great way to not only shorten your search but also find talented candidates is by partnering with a skilled staffing firm. In fact, numerous staffing firms across the country specialize in HR staffing and can provide niche solutions to your staffing needs.

These unique HR staffing firms, such as Interim HR, understand the importance of a timely hire. Thus, they provide clients with personalized temporary staffing solutions to best meet your HR needs.

Temporary staffing solutions can include placing an interim training manager while you continue your long-term search. This allows clients to not only address their present-day issues but also find a sustainable solution and save time while doing so.

Are you looking to hire an HR training manager to boost company success and growth? Contact the team at Interim HR and find the talent you’ve been looking for today!

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