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“How do we find qualified applicants?”

appbank_pageheader-v4ApplicantBank™ is the solution to this age old question.

First we created a database portal exclusively for Human Resource professionals.  The portal allows individuals to be notified if an HR position opens which meets their desired new employment status; Contract, Temp to Perm, Part Time, Remote or Direct Hire.  Today this portal literally contains thousands of local HR professionals in each of our major market databases.

It is important to note the extent of the information compiled in ApplicantBank on each of our candidates.  The collection of information extends beyond just resumes; the system analyzes each resume to extract all the pertinent information ranging from the companies they have worked with to their specialized certifications.  Expanding beyond the resume we include non-traditional matrix such as: work commute, problem solving skills, management style preferences and culture fit.  ApplicantBank’s automated categorization of the applicant’s raw data allows our firm unparalleled search result parameters.

Clients have a large array of options when developing the base line requirements for their position.  Controlling the search criteria by traditional resume data or non-traditional data allows our firm to create distinctive searches.  In return, we can adjust the search to only the most select few, or create a more generalized search to increase the candidate pool.  Once we have received our qualified applicant pool we begin to assess the individuals looking for the best matches based on their skill sets.  After the top tier is identified, we invite them in for face to face interviews to establish a true Culture Match.  The finalists are put through a background check and then submitted to our client.

Amazingly this entire process takes only 48 hours from start to finish!

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