Our Beliefs

We believe that every candidate should be fully qualified to be submitted to our clients for any position.  Speed is essential, but if you have the right sourcing platforms specializing in HR talent you should not have to sacrifice the quality of the candidates.  We take great pride every time an employee supporting a short term need, is offered a full time role by one of our clients. It’s important every person be treated with the utmost respect whether a candidate or a client.


Our primary advantage of Interim HR is our vast experience fulfilling HR staffing needs.  This experience as an HR temp agency gives us the ability to clearly develop a unique sourcing strategy for each unique role.  Because we know HR, we are able to be more comprehensive with prescreening interviews.  The result is: our clients receive more qualified candidates.


We are fully aware every HR professional whom is seeking our assistance needs it ASAP.  We combine a full team outbound call initiative with a highly automated job board and social media blitz which literally leaves no stone unturned within hours of receiving every position.  Our Vast HR experience allows us to quickly screen applicants, choosing only the qualified ones for our internal interviews. The result is most clients will see the first full influx of qualified candidates with in the first 24 hours.


Knowing the human element is more important to be a successful staffing firm, we have created an outbound call center solely dedicated to reaching out to candidates, which is unlike any other HR temp agency. Clients always mention the candidates they’ve received have mainly acknowledged hearing about the role from one of our call center recruiters.  It’s important to emphasize the human element, especially when we are talking about Human Resource

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